Zip Lines

The Zip Lines are open till the end of the season !!!

     Morgan's Run currently operates two 900 foot zip lines that travel over the water. Zip Lining is not for the faint of heart. We take the highest safety precautions in operating the zip lines and ensures no one will get hurt. 

Requirements to Ride

  • You must weigh between 70 and 260 pounds. (We will weigh you)
  • You or Parent (if under 18) must sign the Zip Line waiver which will be given to you upon your visit.

Zip Line Price

   First ride of attending visit - $15.00

   All following rides of attending visit - $5.00

     If you would like to ride the zip line tell the person whom is charging admission. He or She will give you a waiver form in which you will fill out before riding. Then you will be guided to the harnessing and training area. We will first teach you how to harness up and how to correctly ride. Then we will actually harness you. When everybody is ready you will be led to the platform. Once at the top the zip line operators will perform there duties and make sure you have a fun time going down the Morgan's Run zip lines.